About us

VINMO LIGHTING LIMITED is a leading led light manufacturer of commercial and industry lighting. We provide the top quality of LED tri-proof light, LED panel light, LED high bay light, LED flood light, LED street light etc. Now the products are extensively applied to office building, bridge, pathway, landscape, hotel, department store and commercial area lighting systems.

Assuming the mission of boosting the best of energy structure, we are always committed to promoting LED energy-conservation illumination products with all-round project resolutions and advanced technology. We hope that we could make our own contribution to spreading the new energy and Human being’s brightness career.


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Contact: Ken Peng

Phone: +86 136 8645 0828

Tel: +86 136 8645 0828

Email: ken.peng@vinmoled.com

Add: Xi'en Industry, Xiangshan Road, Songgang, Baoan, Shenzhen, China